July 9 2009

July 9, 2009

Breakfast – Cereal and Milk. Coffee
Lunch – Salad at Munch. Yumm. Soup and lemon tea on the side.
SNack – left over fruit salad from lunch
Dinner – 2 mos burgers and 1 corn soup


July 8 2009

July 8, 2009

Breakfast – Banana nut crunch cereal and milk, and coffee
Lunch – Salad and soup. Yay
Snack – Skipped
Dinner – Sub – veggie delite footer and soup. Ice lemon tea on the side.

July 7 2009

July 8, 2009

Breakfast – Coffee
Lunch – Salad and Soup combo. Rocking my world lately.
Snack – Nothing
Dinner – Pasta and Banana juice.
Late night snack – Cereal and milk. What? I had dinner at 7!

July 6 2009

July 6, 2009

Breakfast – Coffee and Quizno sub
Lunch – 2 Chapathi, Dhaal, Aloo Sabji, Rice and raitha
Snack – Nothing. Had a coffee right after lunch though
Dinner – Bhelpuri. 1 Naan, 1 Chapati and veg sabji. Not so bad.

July 5 2009

July 5, 2009

Breakfast (and / or lunch) – Cheese bagel from starbucks. 1 Mocha Tall. 1 cheese tomato and rocket (weird greens) sandwich. By the time I got to 60% of the sandwich, extreme guilt took over and I stopped the gluttony. Ugh. Sometimes I hate myself for doing this to myself.
Snack – Potato wedges – about 7 or so. 1 Iced Mocha latte, 1 Mocha latte hot. Well it was pouring outside, and the only other choices were alcoholic. Dammit.
Dinner – Indian. 1 Naan, Dhaal, some rice, and veggie. Not too bad.

Too much caffeine for a day. And a whole lot of fatty stuff. Sheesh.

July 4 2009

July 4, 2009

Breakfast – Big bowl of banana nut crunch and milk
Lunch – Half a loaf of white bread, some buttered and some curried.
Snack – Ice blended coffee, large. But couldn’t really finish it. Glad.
Dinner – Pasta
Late night snack (s) – 1 glazed donut. *ouch*. 1 Dahi vada. and 1 Masala tea. An ice cream place was visited but I stayed very clear of icecream. good girl. the donut has done enough damage.

Hanging out with the friends was very refreshing. More Taboo needs to be played 🙂

July 3 2009

July 4, 2009

Breakfast – Coffee
Lunch – Salad, no brown rice and lentil soup. *Proud*
Snack – Skipped
Dinner – Disastrous. Mexican cuisine. Cheese fries, refried beans, nachos, quesedillas, need I say more? 1 strawberry margherita on the side also. Terrible.

I guess today was making up for all the salad lunches. But feels terrible to think I have regained everything I tried to lose. dammit.

July 2 2009

July 2, 2009

Breakfast – Quizno sub. Not bad. Coffee.
Lunch – Salad from salad bar, and a tomato – corn soup. Yumm.
Snack – Does half a bottle of water count?
Dinner – Pav Bhaji. 2 Chapati and Gobi sabji, and some aloo curry.
Late night – Ginger tea to ward off the cold

July 1 2009

July 1, 2009

Can you actually believe its July 1? Already? Where are the months going??

Breakfast today – Coffee
Lunch – Indian Buffet. Ok, last one for the week, I promise. Rice and 2 Chapati. Mediocre sabjis. 1 Masala Tea. I had a terrible head ache. And an aweful day at work. Meeting with Boss’ boss which went so wrong, you have no idea. I could have eaten an icecream to make me feel better and it wouldnt have worked. Aanyway. So spare me the guilt over a tea. Please.
Snack – 1 regular mocha from the vending machine. Bad habit. But what do you when you cannot eat fruits cos you have a cold, and dont want to snack? huh?
Dinner – Veggie wrap from HFS. Good move. Banana milk shake that followed. Bad move.

I think I conveniently forgot to mention a large ice blended Belgian Chocolate drink I had recently. Friday was it? Geez. motivation. please.

June 30 2009

June 30, 2009

Breakfast – Hmmm, skipped the coffee also. Although I did choose the no sugar mocha from the vending machine.
Lunch – Soup and Salad. I like this Salad place so much 🙂
Snack – Hmmm. Nothing. Work, work work…
Dinner – Bhelpuri again. Then 1 Naan, 1 chapati and veggie

Notice the deliberate attempt to stay off rice. So far so good, lets see how long I can take it 🙂 I was supposed ot start my new regime tommorrow. But given I’m typing this at 130 in the night, unlikely I can get myself outta bed at 6am. Bye bye my dear morning walk. Lets try another day.